About MACS

MACS was established with a vision to capitalize on human capacity and abilities to serve our clients with a piece of comfort and take away all their worries by delivering at their door steps.

At MACS, we empower our employees with smart decision making so that they are able to navigate path with sensible thinking to make their delivery as smooth and as seamless as possible.

In addition to the invaluable contribution of our human capital we also take full advantage of the advanced technology available in its current format.
MACS is simply a way of spreading happiness.

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Meet The Team

MacDrive CEO
Founder - CEO

Muhammad Ashfaq Chaudhry

Muhammad Ashfaq Choudary has helped grow a number a businesses with whom he has been associated in past. His unique ability to blend modern technology and traditional way of serving clients has resulted in huge success.
Bringing smiles to his client’s faces is something he can’t compromise with.
MacDrive Business Developer
Business Development Director

Adil Shahzad

Adil has been part of Major International and Multi Organization, having served in over 15 countries but always maintain his base in the UAE. Adil understands the local traditions and culture and thus bring values to our partners by understanding their need and offering them smart plans to maintain their growth.


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MacsDrive HR
HR Overseas Nepal

Narayan Prasad

Daxen Narayan’s role having based in Nepal to gather data of potential staff, he then screens them through and select those who meet MACS job criteria.
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PR and Media Contacts

The MACS Media Room is the source for the latest news and media coverage about MACS . Read press releases, get high resolution images, boiler plates, and more.
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